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I&G - The Hearts Of Lonely People [2010]

I&G - The Hearts Of Lonely People [2010]

Name: I&G - The Hearts Of Lonely People [2010]

File size: 445 mb

Language: English

CRC: 20cbf4ed14b5488d8d86119aa973fe7e

Rating: 9/10



The Hearts of Lonely People is the first and only EP by American experimental rock supergroup Isles & Glaciers. The record was released on March 9, Written by: TL on 04/05/ "The Hearts Of Lonely People EP" isn't that awesome, not by a long shot, rather I think it's a slightly unresolved The result is that when I&G are at their noisiest, for instance in first song "Hills Like White. 0. 1 Cover. Album. The Hearts of Lonely People. Isles & Glaciers. Released . K. The Hearts of Lonely People Tracklist. 1. Kings and Chandeliers Lyrics.

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